Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship offers you a unique opportunity to engage our children on a personal level. We hope you will write letters, send photos, and share details about you and your family. You can even send your child a birthday or Christmas gift. These personal interactions serve so many purposes: they encourage our children, help them feel loved and appreciated, give them a positive example of a caring relationship, and help them envision a hope-filled future. All of our sponsors are invited to visit Kaya on one of our annual vision trips and meet our children face-to-face.

We offer a variety of options for child sponsorship so that you may select a sponsorship level based on your financial capacity and/or the program that speaks most to your heart. You may choose to give monthly or annually.

Sustain Children $37/month - The Sustain Children sponsorship provides basic services at the Kaya Center, similar to those offered by other child sponsorship-based organizations, including help with schoolwork and education expenses, a nutritious snack each day, and a safe, healthy environment where children can flourish before and after school.

Transform Lives $80/monthThe Transform Lives sponsorship covers the cost of comprehensive child and family services provided at the Kaya Center, including parenting classes for the child's primary caregivers, psychosocial services for both child and parent, one full afternoon meal, 1-on-1 tutoring, and transportation to and from school each day.

Heal Families $200/monthThe Heal Families sponsorship covers the cost of serving one mother and her children through our Warmi Kaya program, including job training, micro-financing of small businesses, parenting workshops, aid in obtaining basic documentation, and other forms of family support, in addition to child care and all other services available to children at the Kaya Center.

Restore Childhood $275/month - The Restore Childhood sponsorship covers the actual monthly cost of providing for one child in our residential homes, including housing, meals, clothing, medical care, educational supplies and support, an allowance for family activities, and providing specially trained house parents.

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Kaya Children International is a US registered 501(c)3 non-profit and a registered NGO in Bolivia.  All donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.