What We Do

Rescuing Children

Street Outreach

Street Outreach has been the foundation of Kaya’s work since Dr. Chi Huang first entered Bolivia.  On the streets of Bolivia, we meet children in some of the darkest places.  The Street Outreach program exists to bring light into darkness and to demonstrate that no matter where children find they are loved, created in God’s image, and deserving of the hope-filled future God has planned for their lives.

Transforming Lives

The Kaya Center

The Kaya Center provides integral psychosocial services to at-risk children and their families.  At the Kaya Center, children from all programs come together for education, games, group therapy and activities. Training for mothers in the Warmi Kaya program also takes place at the Kaya Center, creating a unique environment in which we can impact and transform entire families.  Kaya Center staff also provide parenting classes to work towards healthy home life. The Kaya Center is where stories are healed, dreams are formed and futures begin to take shape.

Restoring Childhood

The Residential Program

The Kaya homes provide children without stable home environments or children on the streets the loving caring family environment needed to thrive.  In the residential program, children become a part of a Kaya family, living with house parents and “brothers.”  It’s in these homes that children begin to experience the love, safety and dignity that can return them to childhood.

Healing Families

Warmi Kaya

The Warmi Kaya program disrupts the trajectory of children entering the streets.  Kaya invests in the lives of mothers, helping them through parenting classes, developing basic skills and finding employment or providing financing to begin their own business.   Through this program Kaya invests in obtaining documentation for their children, a simple method to reduce the likelihood of child trafficking.  Kaya also works with mothers to address the issues that can lead to children leaving home in the first place.  Kaya provides immunizations for children and ensures the children are attending schools and receiving additional services as needed in the Kaya Center. Warmi Kaya helps prevent child trafficking, stops the cycle of poverty and changes the trajectories of entire families through simple investments in the mother.

Kaya Continuum of Care

All of Kaya's programs are designed to allow Kaya to provide individualized care to every child following our core values.  From children needing help entering or succeeding in school to children suffering physical/sexual abuse and addictions Kaya is uniquely qualified and experienced to support children from entry to independence or family reunification.  Kaya exists to save children and heal families.

Warmi Kaya Kaya Center Street Outreach Residential Programs