Hermanos (Brothers)

The three Tejeda brothers have stuck together through think and thin. Samuel, 12, Daniel, 14, and Fabian, 15 have proven to us again and again that there is not an obstacle that they cannot overcome together.

The Tejeda brothers come from a broken home. Their mother was 14 years old and their father 17 years old when Fabian was born. Their parents struggled with poverty and alcoholism, and the boys were bounced from one nightmare to the next. At times, the boys were living on the streets with their dad, and other times, they lived in Bolivian prison with their mother. By the ages of 6, 8 and 9 their father and mother had abandoned the children, and the kids were living with their grandmother.

Due to abuse, Daniel and Fabian ran away from their grandma's home and were living on the streets by themselves. The police picked up the two brothers and social services brought the boys to Kaya. The boys quickly became a part of the Kaya family, but from day one, the boys expressed concerns for their little brother.  They feared for his safety. We looked for Samuel, but he was no longer at his grandma’s house. He was nowhere to be found. 

One afternoon, Kaya received a call that Samuel was at social services, and they asked for him to come and live with his brothers in Kaya's Residential Program. When Daniel and Fabian saw Samuel, they ran to meet him, and embraced him with tears flowing down their face. The three brothers were together again. When these boys had nowhere to go and nowhere to call home, we welcomed them into a family where they are accepted and loved. 

At Kaya, we work hard to keep families together. We know that these bonds are extremely important. In Kaya's Residential Program, siblings have the opportunity to grow up together in a loving, healthy environment and make happy memories. Fabian, Daniel, and Samuel are three amazing boys. We know that these three boys have a future full of hope and opportunity, and whatever they do in the future, they will have each other. 

Written by Michelle Cazas and Hawley Harrigan. Posted April 14, 2016.