Meet Lori: Because of Kaya supporters like you, she is starting kindergarten!

Every weekday, the Kaya Center serves children of all ages. At the Kaya Center, the children eat a nutritious lunch, have a safe space to work on homework, and enjoy their childhood.  Come to the Kaya Center on any given afternoon, and you will meet children who are in preschool all the way up to children who are finishing high school. Four year old Lori, who is just about to start kindergarten, is an example of the many challenges children face just to start school in Bolivia.

From the day she walked into the Kaya Center, it was clear that Lori was special. She’s incredibly bright and full of life and spirit. Lori’s mom, however, didn’t think girls need an education. She expected Lori to grow up and get a job as soon as possible. Lori’s mom had her first child at 16 and couldn’t imagine a different life for her daughter. Attending school in Bolivia is expensive; families have to purchase school uniforms and all of the child’s school supplies. These are big expenses that Lori’s mom cannot afford, so Kaya supports Lori. Last year, when Lori was old enough to attend preschool, Kaya assisted Lori’s mom with purchasing the uniform and school supplies Lori needed to attend preschool, and because the family lives on the outskirts of down, many miles away from school, Kaya arranged for the Kaya minibus to pick Lori up each morning and take her to school.

After the Kaya children finish their morning at school, the Kaya minibus picks them up and drops them off at the Kaya Center.  At Kaya, we love when the little kids arrive. They are so excited to share what they have learned with the staff. They arrive with so much energy and hugs for everyone. They dutifully wash their hands, sit down for lunch and enjoy their afternoon working with our tutors to complete their homework. Most days you would never realize how challenging life is for these children, but talking a step back, they do have difficult lives. Without Kaya, these children would not be able to attend school. Mother’s struggles just to feed their children, and paying for school uniforms and supplies would be out of the question without support from caring individual and families, like you, who donate to Kaya each year.

Lori has a long fight ahead of her, but thanks to your support, she has taken the first step. She has attended preschool and will now start kindergarten. She loves learning, and we know that by her attending school, it will open up new possibilities to give her a better life.  At Kaya, we are dedicated to helping children like Lori succeed in school.  Kaya knows that education is key in breaking the cycle of poverty. 

Please help us reach more children like Lori by providing a child with a backpack, school uniform or supplies:

  • $25 buys a backpack and all the supplies needed to start school
  • $37 buys a new school uniform 
  • $110 covers educations expenses for an entire year, including uniform, school supplies and Kaya center tutoring


Send a child back to school by making a donation on Kaya's website: or by mailing a check to Kaya at P.O. Box 337, Lincoln, MA 01773. Please indicate that the donation is for the Send a Child Back to School Campaign. Your donation will allow a child in Bolivia to complete a year of school!

Written by Katie Harris and Hawley Harrigan. Posted February 12, 2016.