Generosity in Action

At times, writing posts for this blog can be challenging. I am exposed to so many heartbreaking stories, and it is easy to be overwhelmed by all the needs. As I write blogs, I want to share the reality of what life is like for children in Bolivia, but it can be difficult not to get discouraged. However, I have seen that although there are many stories full of pain, there are also many amazing moments of breakthrough. Today, as I sit down to write, I feel uplifted, and I hope you too are encouraged as I share with you the beautiful story of the generosity of one of the children at Kaya. 

Recently, it was Alejandra’s birthday. Alejandra has a difficult life. Her mother works very long hours to provide for her family. At a very young age, Alejandra took on the responsibilities of the household. She is in charge of preparing meals, washing clothes and making sure her younger brothers are safe and cared for. On her birthday, Alejandra arrived early to the Kaya Center with the biggest smile on her face. She practically danced into the Kaya Center. For her birthday, her mom had bought her a small cake. It was very small, maybe four inches by two inches. Although her mom could not afford to buy much, this cake meant the world to Alejandra.

What Alejandra did next shocked me. She began carefully dividing her cake among the many children and staff at the Kaya Center. When Alejandra came over to give me a tiny portion of cake, I was stunned and said, "No thank you Alejandra, that's your birthday cake and I want you to enjoy it." Her answer left me speechless; she said, "No, please have at least a little of my cake. I know it’s not much, but it’s my birthday present, and I enjoy sharing it. What is the worth of something if we cannot share it with others?”

Alejandra's generosity both humbled and inspired me. She has very little, but the little Alejandra had, she was willing to share. What a beautiful and practical example of the words that Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35) I am thankful for Alejandra's example, and that she is part of our Kaya family.   

Written by Michelle Cazas and Hawley Harrigan. Posted February 1, 2016.