The True Christmas Spirit

Like many kids, the Kaya kids are full of questions. Walk into the Kaya Center in December and you will hear an endless stream of questions: How many days until Christmas? Can we make Christmas decorations? Was Jesus born in a manger? God lives within us? The teachers and staff at Kaya patiently answer all the questions the children ask. The children smile as they think of the Christmas celebrations that are quickly approaching.

Unlike the United States, children in Bolivia begin their two month summer vacation in December. The children are incredibly excited to be out of school and to celebrate Christmas. They look forward to the summer schedule of activities planned at Kaya for the long, warm vacation. The staff at Kaya love celebrating with the children. Taking the kids to the pool and park, watching as they play and laugh is fun for all. However, for the staff at Kaya, it is most important that the children understand the true meaning of Christmas. We share the joyful news that God came and lived among us and gave us Jesus during this time of year. 

Each day, we have a devotional time with the children when we talk about the importance of having Jesus Christ among us and in us. What a joy to share with the children the good news of Jesus’ birth, and how it allows us to start a new life in him. We recently asked some of the children at Kaya what Christmas means to them. It warmed our hearts to hear their answers, and it is our privilege to share them with you!

"It means there is a new story for humans; now we can be good." -Mariana, 6 years old.

"It is an opportunity to have peace with each other, all wars can stop, and they all love God." -Rodrigo, 12 years old.

"It means Jesus loves me." -Herminia, 5 years old

"It means that no matter the gift, no matter if you have too much or too little food, the important thing is that you have a family with whom to celebrate and that makes us very fortunate." -Margarita, 11 years old.

Christmas is an inspirational and heartwarming time of the year. At Kaya, we are full of gratitude for all that God has given us and for all that God will allow us to do in the future. God is here, near the heart of each of our children. At Kaya, children are clothed and children are fed. Most importantly, children are loved and learn about the unconditional love of God that was born on Christmas day. Thank you to each person who makes that work we do at Kaya possible. Thank you for joining Kaya in sharing the good news of the birth of Christ with the precious children in La Paz, Bolivia. May God bless you and your families it holiday season!

Written by Michelle Cazas and Hawley Harrigan. Posted December 17th.