Warmi Kaya

In 2012, Kaya launched Warmi Kaya, (Warmi is Aymaran for woman), a program designed to serve mothers of street children, former street children and children at extreme high risk of entering street life.  Often Kaya is already serving the children of these mothers in our Kaya Center or residential homes due to a lack of a safe home environment.  In Warmi Kaya we begin by ensuring families have adequate documentation for everyone in the family and are up-to-date on immunizations and other basic needs for safety and security.  Within the Warmi program women begin to learn a trade - sometimes knitting or weaving, cooking or other trades that leads them to successful employment.  During ths time the mother and children participate in holistic care so that Kaya is not only helping individuals, Kaya is helping the entire family heal.

The women of Kaya demonstrate an improved ability to care their children, no matter the circumstance. Warmi graduates become role models and mentors to girls within the larger community. Kaya’s investment in women and girls breaks the vicious cycle for these families in La Paz. Warmi graduates have already gone on to start small business, find stable employment and improve living conditions.  While the road isn't always smooth Warmi Kaya is making a difference by healing families and empowering mothers to care for their children.

We need your support to help Kaya continue to equip and empower these mothers to heal and transform their families.  Not only do we work with the mothers but all women in Warmi Kaya also have children in the Kaya Center.  Please consider sponsoring a family or making a donation today.

You can also support the Warmi Kaya mothers by shopping on the new Warmi Kaya's Etsy Store! As part of the Warmi Kaya Program, many of the mothers learn to knit and weave. Their beautiful creations, including handmade baby alpaca wool scarves and hats are now on sale at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WarmiKaya. All proceeds go to benefit the Warmi Kaya Program in Bolivia.


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