Kaya's 2015 Gift Catalog

Shop Kaya's 2015 Gift Catalog & give a gift that will transform a life. This Christmas season, share HOPE & JOY with a child in need! 

Nutritious Meals


Provide three meals a day for the children in Kaya’s Residential program and one meal a day five days a week for the children in Kaya’s Prevention program for one month…that is 3,596 meals! Provide a child with NUTRITION! 

Price: $3,000.00



In 2015, 30,407 miles were driven in the Kaya minibuses. The Kaya minibuses pick up and drop off the children at school. Without this transportation, many of the children at Kaya would not be able to attend school. The minibuses are also used to take the Kaya kids to soccer practice, dance class, church, field trips, and many other places. Pay for the upkeep and gasoline for the two Kaya minibuses for one month. Provide a child with new OPPORTUNITIES!

Price: $550.00

Loving Home


Cover the cost for a child to live in Kaya’s Residential Program for one month. Provide a child with a loving HOME!

Price: $275.00

School Materials


Without a school uniform and materials, children are not permitted to attend school in Bolivia. Purchase school materials and a uniform required for a child to attend school for one year. Provide a child with EDUCATION!

Price: $110.00

Kaya Center


Allow a child who is at a high risk of homelessness to attend the Kaya Center for one month. In that month, a child will receive a meal and snack every weekday, medical checkups, and educational and psychosocial support. Provide a child with SAFETY!

Price: $80.00