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It has been our true honor to serve the children of Bolivia for the last 19 years. Thank you to each person who has made this possible. After much prayer and consideration, the Kaya Board has decided to transition out of Bolivia.

The way we transition out of Bolivia will make a difference to the children and families we serve. Our goal is to transition with integrity, doing whatever we can for the children and staff of Kaya in Bolivia. There are still Kaya programs open and actively serving children and their families. The transition plan currently being implemented includes:

  • Continuing the Kaya Center Prevention Programs through as close to the end of the school year in November as possible to allow for a smooth transition for the families and children.
  • Supporting two Kaya graduates in their last year of college.
  • Helping some of Kaya’s first children, who are now in the Transition-to- Independence Program, by providing them with an apartment and food over the coming year, which will allow them the time to transition successfully to full independence.
  • Paying the staff severance in Bolivia that is owed by Bolivian law.

Thank you to each person who has given to support Kaya’s transition plan. Your support will make a difference in the lives of the children we love.