New Life! New Hope!

It is nearly Easter. I love this time in the church year when we celebrate the risen Savior coming out of the grave in great light and mighty power. Many times the night seems long and the journey endless. In those moments, oh how I need a risen Savior with the power to save.

Learning to Dream Again

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.” Jeremiah 1:5

At Kaya Children International, we work with children who have lived on the streets and children who live in extreme poverty. Children who live on the streets and in extreme poverty live an unstructured life. They worry about where they will find their next meal, and where they will sleep that night. Life on the street is dark, and children lose hope that things can get better. They do not dream about the future. When children arrive at Kaya, they respond quickly to questions like, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” or “What is your favorite color?” with “I don’t know” or “I don’t care”.

Meet Lori: Because of Kaya supporters like you, she is starting kindergarten!

Every weekday, the Kaya Center serves children of all ages. At the Kaya Center, the children eat a nutritious lunch, have a safe space to work on homework, and enjoy their childhood.  Come to the Kaya Center on any given afternoon, and you will meet children who are in preschool all the way up to children who are finishing high school. Four year old Lori, who is just about to start kindergarten, is an example of the many challenges children face just to start school in Bolivia.

Send a Child Back to School!

It is that time of the year again in Bolivia: The summer is winding down and the children are getting ready to go back to school. For many of the children in La Paz, going back to school isn’t routine. Before coming to Kaya, many of our children had dropped out of school. Some left school because they didn’t have the money to buy the needed school supplies and were forced to quit. Others stopped attending because they had to take care of their younger siblings. Some children fell behind, got frustrated, and quit attending. The reasons vary, but the result is the same: In Bolivia, many children do not attend school. Through Kaya, children are enrolled in school and given the academic support needed to get caught up and be successful in school. 

Generosity in Action

At times, writing posts for this blog can be challenging. I am exposed to so many heartbreaking stories, and it is easy to be overwhelmed by all the needs. As I write blogs, I want to share the reality of what life is like for children in Bolivia, but it can be difficult not to get discouraged. However, I have seen that although there are many stories full of pain, there are also many amazing moments of breakthrough. Today, as I sit down to write, I feel uplifted, and I hope you too are encouraged as I share with you the beautiful story of the generosity of one of the children at Kaya. 

Meet the 2015 Kaya Kindergarten Graduates!

Congratulations to our kindergarten graduates. We are so proud of you!  

At Kaya, we work with children who live in extreme poverty. Everyday we see the heartbreaking effects of this poverty in our community: malnourishment, tooth decay, depression and child labor. At Kaya, we work hard to reach as many children as we can and to lessen the effects of poverty on their lives. It is our goal to help them and their families escape poverty and for children to have a better future. This is a big task. How do you approach such a big problem? One good place to start is with education.

The True Christmas Spirit

Like many kids, the Kaya kids are full of questions. Walk into the Kaya Center in December and you will hear an endless stream of questions: How many days until Christmas? Can we make Christmas decorations? Was Jesus born in a manger? God lives within us? The teachers and staff at Kaya patiently answer all the questions the children ask. The children smile as they think of the Christmas celebrations that are quickly approaching.